Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template

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  • Web Vitals
  • Dark Mode
  • Speed
  • RTL
  • SEO
  • Adsense Friendly


Plus UI is a high-end blog template that features a neat and straightforward design, which removes all unnecessary clutter, allowing your content to stand out. Furthermore, it comes with pre-installed Google Adsense support and social media integration, making it easy to share your blog posts and increase your reach with just one click! The template is responsive and compatible with multiple browsers, meaning whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device it will adjust to give you the best viewing experience.

  1. Fully responsive
  2. Multicolored
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. SEO friendly
  5. Ads ready
  6. Fast Loading
  7. Error 404
  8. Social Follow Button
  9. Search Widget
  10. Shortcode support
  11. Read more with automatic thumbnails
  12. Responsive footing
  13. Multi drop-down
  14. Related posts with thumbnails
  15. Detailed documentation
  16. Back to top button
  17. Best responsive menu and layout
  18. Schema Markup
  19. Menu navigation
  20. Recent Post
  21. Anti Adblocker
  22. Safelink Support
  23. Bookmark Feature
  24. Google Translate Feature
  25. Post Rating Feature
  26. Music Player
  27. Countdown Download Box
  28. Maintenance Mode

Advanced Features

Also many advanced features make this Plus UI Blogger Template unique in many ways. Here are some great advanced features of Plus UI Blogger Template –

  1. Realtime Views: Count Realtime views on the post/ article.
  2. Maintenance Mode: Maintenance feature, when turned on, users will receive maintenance notifications. where as  Admin will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrade.
  3. Quick Edit: Whenever an admin visits the blog, an edit button will appear through which they can be redirected to blogger page/post editing. They can also back up blog content and more. Buttons will appear in addition to comments so that admins can click on them to remove any unwanted comments.
  4. Bookmark posts: This feature helps users to access bookmarks but select posts, it will be deleted if user clears cache or cookies.
  5. System Default Mode: This feature will change the Dark Mode according to the interface your device is using, Dark Mode or Light Mode.
  6. Theme Color: Let your visitors choose their favorite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set 10 Theme Colors of your desired colors.
  7. Music Player: Music player feature, I also have a tutorial article Create a music player using JavaScript you can refer to.
  8. Countdown Download Box: Download button with countdown timer.
  9. Anti Ad-Blocker: Help users to use an ad blocker .
  10. Cookie Consent: Informs users that the Blog uses Cookies to store information.
  11. Country Block: Block users from a specific country.
  12. No Internet Connection: Notify when the user loses connection to the Internet .
  13. Google Translate: Google translate helps users from many different countries or Multi Language Supports.
  14. Safelink: Help increase your Blog visits thanks to the Safelink feature
  15. Article Rating: Help users rate your content/post/article.


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Plus Ui 2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template